How can I place order on yintos.com?
Click on the picture you want, so that you are able to view only the item on your screen, click on size, colour or description of item whichever is applicable to be able to choose your choice, proceed to “Add to cart button, after the addition either continue shopping or proceed to check out.
At check out, agree to “terms and conditions” before you can proceed to delivery details as requested on the platform. Then you submit. You would receive confirmation email immediately. After which our sales representative will call you to confirm your order.
Do I Register before shopping?
No need to register before shopping.
Is there online payment options?
Presently we do not have online payment. You could only pay into our GT Bank account which requires your name and order number quoted to able to trace your payment.
Can I place my order through phone call?
Yes, orders can be made via phone or through whatsapp.
Do you deliver during weekends/publics holidays?
No, we do not; we only deliver during week days. Orders can be made during public holidays or weekends.
How do I know that my order has been shipped?
We send sms confirming that your order has been dispatched.
How do I order for your E-book?
Payment would be made into our GTBank Account after payment, details of payment and your details would be sent to us on 08096596697/07042466781. The E-book would then be forwarded to your email.
How can I join your online training?
You can be part of our online training through whatsapp. Make payment for any training of your choice and contact us on 08096596697/07042466781. Once payment is confirmed; you would be added to our whatsapp group for the training.